Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lambing ETA - 74 hours (I hope)

Six expectant Navajo-Churro ewes, 3 yearling ewes and guard donkey, Fiona, enjoying the warm March temperatures.
My lambing vacation is 74 hours out. I have asked the sheep to wait until I can be here with them. Sometimes they co-operate with me, sometimes they don't. This is for sure, spring has arrived early here in south central PA.
I hope winter doesn't return now that lambing is this close. We had very little winter. Robins, bluebirds and red-wing blackbirds all made early appearances. Spring peepers have been singing their songs here for a couple weeks now. Crocuses, daffodils and forsythia are all bursting forth early.
The six expectant ewes have rounded nicely. The lack of snow has allowed them daily exercise to pasture. As I was cleaning the donkey's stable the other day, our new pup, Hayley, ran toward the sheep. Fiona, our guard donkey, wouldn't allow her access to the sheep. YAY! Fiona put herself between Hayley and the ewes! How did she know to do that? She never guarded before coming here but she knows what to do.
Hayley enjoying her morning romp in the pasture.
Hayley is now eight months old and fifty pounds. She was spayed last month. She can stop growing anytime now. We thought a girl dog may be easier to raise than a boy but that certainly hasn't proven out. She's boxer through and through. Gotta love her but she can surely test my patience.
Gus and Woodrow watch birds from the front door.
Gus and Woodrow are wanting to be outside in the nice spring weather. Guard the doors.
I planted onions this morning and ought to go get peas for planting quick before it rains.

P.S. Open Barn is Saturday, April 7 (the day before Easter) 10 AM till 3 PM  Hope to see you.


  1. We've had crocuses and daffodils too, but there were snow flurries today. Nothing that stuck around too long, but still snow. My swiss chard wintered through and I can share some with friends. It also looks like my artichoke is coming back. Actual veggie planting won't happen though until late April, early May because we're just weird enough to get snow in April or freezing overnight temps.

    Good luck with the lambing! I love seeing the pictures you post.

    1. Tami, I'm forging ahead with planting the cool crops. I expect (hope) we'll get some cooler weather yet. The week ahead is to be way too warm and dry for this time of year. The nicest peas and onions I ever harvested were planted this early. I'm hoping for a repeat of that success. We usually get frost through mid-May. No tomato or corn planting yet. Thank you for the good lambing wishes. Photos soon.

  2. Everybody looks great! Impending lambing is a bit nerve-racking but exciting too :)

    1. Rebecca, I'm surprised by the next week's temperature forecast. Six ewes to deliver should fit the barn better than some of the larger numbers I've had in the past. They'll be coming to the barn to cool off instead of to get warm. I hope all goes well. Take care.