Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bella and Calliope (Lambing Started a Bit Early)

Thursday, March 15 
Fiona gets to watch over the yearlings, until birthing is over.
 I came home from work to discover Bella in labor. I wasn't quite prepared, so I had to hustle. The donkey and yearlings were sent to the lower pasture for the present. 
Bella kindly held off till I got things squared away.

A rare photo of this pair looking at the camera. They're very shy.
The barn is for expectant and new moms right now. Bella doesn't take kindly to me. Most photos of her with pretty daughter, Calliope, will likely be taken with them on the run.
Take note of the bellies of the ewes yet to deliver. Poor things!

Calliope's a nice sturdy lamb. She's black with a bit of white on her head, ears and under her tail. Without a sibling to share Mama's milk, she'll grow quickly.
March has been most pleasant. Both of them went to pasture for a few hours on Saturday.

P.S. Our name theme this year is musical instruments.

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