Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tresor's Triplet Story (Lambing Keeps Me Humble)

Friday, March 16 and Saturday, March 17

Since the first lamb was born here in spring 1995, each year has it's surprises. Mostly, I've learned I don't know much. I'm wrong about how many lambs a ewe is carrying. I'm wrong about what colors they will be. I'm wrong about who will deliver in what order. I've even been wrong about who was getting lambs. (That's a story in itself.) It keeps a shepherd humble.
Tresor comes from a long line of wonderful ewes. Her many great-grandmother Laurel came here in 1994 from the Navajo Sheep Project when it was still at USU. Tresor was a tiny triplet with 2 bigger brothers. This is her third lambing. After 2 years of twinning, this year she produced 3 lovely healthy lambs.
Left to Right - Ram Trumpet, Ewe Tympani, Ram Trombone
 First born ram lamb, Trumpet arrived about 10:30 PM Friday evening. Slightly larger ram, Trombone was second and arrived about 12:30 AM Saturday morning. Then I went to the house and to bed. I was quite surprised when I went to the barn Saturday  at daylight to find a third lamb, a ewe, Tympani. She's every bit as nice as her brothers. The boys have white on their faces. Tympani has just a few white hairs on top of her head.  They're such a lively bunch. I hope to add a video of them for you to watch.

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