Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hey, Blogosphere, I didn't forget you.

Summer's dry, hot weather has passed. As we are nearing Autumn here on the Guitner Road, the rain has arrived. Remnants of Hurricane Lee brought nearly a foot of rain last week.
We had a new occurrence - water in our basement. I had bragged to a co-worker at the beginning of  our rainy week that in 25 years, we had never had water in our basement. Sept. ninth's deluge changed that. We spent last weekend drying out. We vacuumed 200 gallons out, then turned on the fans and dehumidifier.

The sheep got sheared Wednesday evening. There was a thunderstorm going on outside but all the sheep were dry in the barn. YAY! Dan (our shearer) will soon wrap up his fortieth shearing season.
I have wavered between breeding sheep and not breeding sheep for 2012 lambs. Here's the latest on that: I will breed 6 ewes to Blue this fall.
The cooler weather and shortening days have Blue thinking of the upcoming breeding season. As I watched Blue pacing the fence line admiring the ewes, I was reminded of a Johnny Cash song.

I apologize if the donkey may make you think of Hannibal Lecter. Fiona's wearing a grazing muzzle for her own good. She loves grazing, so to keep her from foundering on the lush grasses she is muzzled. This muzzle allows her to eat and drink at will. It just makes eating more difficult for her. 
This month will mark a year she's been with the sheep. They all continue to progress in cultural understanding. Fiona and I are on friendlier terms, too. I took the banner photo yesterday when I saw her laying beside the sheep in the pasture. I hadn't seen it before. When your belly is full and the temps are warm, take an outdoor nap. Mm-mm - good.
The banner photo reminds me of a Sesame Street spot: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others.
I see three possible answers: 1) one donkey  2) one standing sheep  3) one white sheep