Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Born 4.4.10 Brooke's Winnebago

Born 4.4.10 Brooke's Winnebago, originally uploaded by lamb lady.

The only single lamb of 2010, Brooke gave birth to black ram lamb, Winnebago on Easter morning.

Born 4.2.2010 Butterfly with Erie

First time mom, Butterfly, gave birth to twins Erie and Fox. Much to my dismay, Fox has become a bottle baby. Though he was sturdy and strong, she wanted nothing to do with him.

Born 4.2.10 Mesa's Mandan and Marameg

Born 4.2.10 Mesa's Mandan and Marameg, originally uploaded by lamb lady.

The first of three sets of twins born April 2. Ram Mandan (L) and dear ewe Marameg (L).

Born 4.2.2010 Bella's Seminole and Sugaree

I was so worried first time mom, Bella, would give me problems, but no, it was her sister Butterfly instead. Bella gave birth to ram lamb,Seminole (L) and ewe, Sugaree (center). They are doing great. She keeps them as far from me as she can.

Pima and Fox, Precious Bottle Babies

Fox (L) isButterfly's twin and Pima (R) is Leah's triplet. It's maddening when ewes reject a lamb. These babies have been a delight and good company to each other. My sister-in-law, Jane, provides their mid-day feedings while I'm at work.

Born 4.1.2010 Leah's Pequot and Paiute

Triplets Paiute (L) and Pequot (R). Brother Pima is my bottle baby. Smaller and weaker at birth, he didn't stand a chance with his stronger brothers. Leah and Cassie were delivering their triplets simutaneously.

Born 4.1.2010 Cassie's Comanche, Catawba and Cree

Three sets of triplets on April Fool's Day. Outstanding!
Cassie and Blue made a beautiful set of babies.

Born 4.1.2010 Lyra's Kiowa, Klickitat and Kickapoo

Lyra started the day early with the birth of her first set of triplets. She's twinned before. Ram (R), Kickapoo, is a badgerface.

Cud Chewing 101

Cud Chewing 101, originally uploaded by lamb lady.

At 23 days old, Ottawa and sister, Oneida, begin chewing their cuds. This is a fine way to rest after a morning in lush pasture.