Tuesday, August 19, 2008

full moon in the fog

full moon in the fog, originally uploaded by lamb lady.

Just before I left for work Saturday morning, the moon bid me take this photo. I propped the camera on the deck railing to keep it steady. It seemed the shutter would never close. There was just enough light to catch the fog and eerie landscape.

Guitner Road Sunrise

Guitner Road Sunrise, originally uploaded by lamb lady.

When you don't have to be at work and you can't sleep, it's best to let your partner sleep while you make some tea, feed the dog and quietly read your favorite blogs. If you're lucky, when the dog is ready to go outside you can catch a sight like this.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hot Heads in the Cool Morning

Wow! It's a surprisingly cool August morning. After the heat of the past month, the welcome coolness makes the sheep frisky. Apparently some power struggle had ensued. I got to the barnyard in time to see two ewes, Cassiopeia and Zenith, butting heads. Maybe Cassie (the black sheep) called Zenie (the badgerface) a cruel name. I can only guess what the root of the problem was, but after seeing what happened next, I'm thinking it was some "to do" over the new ram, Blue. Here's a photo of the two ewes butting each other:
Ewes butting at each other isn't too alarming. Rams fighting can be fierce or deadly, never funny. The rams act just like the big horn sheep you've seen on TV.
See what the winner does: she steps to the fence to visit Blue.
I called this photo "I Like Ewe":

Progressive Meal

It's been more than 35 years since I participated in a progessive meal, but that was what we did last evening. It's difficult to find a common time for being together with family and friends. When we get together there's much to see and share and discuss.
One of the things we needed to see was the ancient refrigerator that Pat and Andy gave to Joel and Susie. Joel fixed it up to working condition and Susie gave it a place of honor in their new home. Both couples appreciate useful old items and both couples lovingly place those items in their homes. So we had drinks at Joel's and Susie's, drinks chilled by the old refrigerator. We toured their nice home. It's an expression of them, filled with neat old pieces and new ideas. Joel thought they weren't "progressive" enough people to join us so the rest of us went on to a fun evening. I think they would have fit quite well. We moved on to Mom's and Dad's for a salad. Mom prepared a salad bar with fresh greens and loads of options to make our salads just right. We ate in the shade with the fine August weather surrounding us. Afterward, we scouted out some of their treasures. They have wonderful family pieces that have stories to tell. Some old pieces they find at sales and bring home to clean and display. Their home is peaceful and refreshing. I always enjoy visiting them. I have lived numerous places throughout my life and these are the people who taught me that a house is a structure and a home is where you hang your heart.

The main course was at our house - barbeque and baked macaroni. It was a meal filled with lively conversation followed by a brief demonstration of wool processing equipment. I showed off my niddy-noddy and lazy Kate. (Brad made them for me.) We spun the drum carder and had a demonstration of yarn twist. If you don't follow all that, ask me to explain, if you care or if you dare : )It was getting late and we couldn't run out of sunlight yet. We had permission to check out a new home being built in Pat's and Andy's neighborhood. Wow! What a beauty! It's big with lots of glass and covered outdoor area. We've always enjoyed looking at homes under construction. It's amazing how an initially small hole in the ground grows with each step of the building process. To those new home owners: We're happy for you. That is a lovely home you're building. We know you'll enjoy getting back to the country to live. You'll have great views from there.Then on to Pat's and Andy's for the dessert. These are two amazing people. What they have done in such a short time speaks of their like-minded dedication to each other and their home. All they've done is thoughtfully designed and executed. They have put so much of themselves into their home. Live long and prosper, you two, you are dear people. We're so glad to have you as our friends. Pat made blueberry buckle from their blueberries and the guys churned raspberry ice cream for a sweet treat and a fine way to end a fun evening.I put down the camera last night, though there would have been some great shots. Participating in the events of the evening, instead of observing through the lens, is far more fulfilling. I still think a good post needs photos so I went out this morning and took a few shots to share with you. The photos throughout this post are self-seeded "volunteers". The sunflowers took root in the garden and celosia grew around the front door from the potted plants there last year.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Frogmore Stew

Dad called us earlier this week to invite us for supper at 6:30 Saturday evening. The menu was a surprise. There would be eight of us - Mom and Dad, my brothers and their wives and Brad and me. We were not to bring anything and, if possible, we would eat outside. I love a good surprise. Brad was quite concerned about what would be on the table. As it turned out he didn't need to be, he enjoyed himself, too.
On one of Dad's hunting trips they had Frogmore Stew. Just in case you are wondering, Frogmore is a place in South Carolina, there were no frog legs in the pot. It's Southern comfort food, a seafood boil, and it works it's magic on this side of the Mason-Dixon line, too.
Dad set up the outdoor propane stove and filled the pot of boiling water with Old Bay. Then he added broken ears of sweet corn, small red potatoes, sausage links and shrimp. I saw a halved lemon and some onion in the pot, too. When it was cooked and drained, it all got dumped on the paper covered picnic table. Mom melted butter, made cocktail sauce and had all the fixin's ready when the cooking was complete.
We all filled our bellies as we emptied the table. Then there was blueberry pie and ice cream for dessert. Since it was such a pleasant evening we lingered long, catching up on the latest gossip and telling tales from the past and present.
Joel and Susie were going home to catch a quick nap and then headed out to spend the night fishing on the Meadow Grounds Lake. Now, I'd rather sleep than fish, but with the stars twinkling the way they were last evening, I'm sure they had a good night. I hope they caught some nice ones. Dave and Jane will celebrate twenty years of marriage on Tuesday.
Thanks, Mom and Dad, for all the things you do. You got us off to a good start in our lives and you still bring good things to life. That's very special and we are so fortunate to have you near.