Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hot Heads in the Cool Morning

Wow! It's a surprisingly cool August morning. After the heat of the past month, the welcome coolness makes the sheep frisky. Apparently some power struggle had ensued. I got to the barnyard in time to see two ewes, Cassiopeia and Zenith, butting heads. Maybe Cassie (the black sheep) called Zenie (the badgerface) a cruel name. I can only guess what the root of the problem was, but after seeing what happened next, I'm thinking it was some "to do" over the new ram, Blue. Here's a photo of the two ewes butting each other:
Ewes butting at each other isn't too alarming. Rams fighting can be fierce or deadly, never funny. The rams act just like the big horn sheep you've seen on TV.
See what the winner does: she steps to the fence to visit Blue.
I called this photo "I Like Ewe":

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