Saturday, January 16, 2010

Exuberant Merlin

I haven't made a post since we lost Merlin. We are doing well. We are not ready for another dog at this time. We are glad Gus is here to help us along. I'm getting teary just now as I type.
Mer helped me bring in the sheep in the snowstorm on the Saturday morning 12/19 before Christmas. By Sunday night he was seriously ill. On Monday afternoon when he peed outside just before going to the vet, I saw exactly what the problem was. His liver had failed.
The vet thought maybe he could get him turned around but by Wed. morning 12/23, it was obvious to the vet he was beyond recovery. We put him down that evening. I was shocked to see how he had deteriorated in 48 hours. Had he not been at the vet, he wouldn't have lived that long.
The vets and their staff always enjoyed Merlin because he thought a trip to the vet was fun. He loved the techs and they loved him. They cried along with me that evening.
We've shed a good many tears since then. I was concerned I wouldn't know when it was time to say goodbye. It was definitely time and I've had no regrets about our decision.
Many friends called or took time to comment or write a card. I have appreciated their sentiments. We had hoped to bury Mer here but the weather made that quite impossible so he was cremated and we have his ashes here with us. We got out photos the other evening and a video we made the first few months he was here. They are a comfort. That dog loved people and his life better than a lot of people love theirs. He will be missed.