Sunday, December 28, 2008

Being Unique

We like being unique here on the Guitner Road. We say things like "I'll bet there's not another family (or person) on the Guitner Road that......." You can fill in the blank with whatever is appropriate at the time, such as "....has parents married to each other for 55 years and they're still fixing Christmas Dinner for their kids."
Aren't we so lucky? That Mom and Dad are healthy and want to do it is a source of pride for me. Just in case you think we make them cook, you need to know this: they know that when they don't want to anymore that one of us will carry on in their stead.
It was disappointing to me that I had to work Christmas Day. Someone had to, and this year was my turn :( I'm not five, I've gotten over it. I sent a letter to all that my son read in my absence. I went there as soon as I got off work. I missed seeing my son and daughter-in-law but got to catch a glimpse of everyone else. Brad took photos for me.
Above are two of Santa's best helpers.

I received a neat Christmas gift. It's one of those unique things that I'm willing to bet no one else on the Guitner Road got for Christmas. I got an umbrella swift and ball winder. I finally got to play with it Saturday morning. I promptly turned all my yarn skeins into center pull cakes. Big Fun, Big Fun. Then of course, I have to take many photos of it.
Now I'm ready to get back to knitting.

Brad's Christmas Gift

Brad's been talking about a kitten for about a year. I have not wanted one. I said that Merlin would eat it, etc. The truth is I hate litter boxes. We haven't had a cat or litter box for eight years and I haven't missed having a litter box at all in that time.
Three kitties were playing in traffic at Mom and Dad's on Christmas. Before I went home from there, I grabbed the yellow one and took him with me.
Merlin hasn't eaten him yet. Kitty's so grateful for a warm, dry home. He lays on the back of the sofa purring his little heart out. He doesn't have a name yet. I would call him Sunshine like our long gone old yellow cat was named but I think Brad should give him a name. Keep posted.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

December Evening Snow

I had to get a shot of Brad's lovely Colorado Blue Spruce in the snow the other evening. He works late on Tuesdays and I wanted him to see it. The flash picked up the falling snow and makes it difficult to see how pretty the lights are that he takes care to get placed just right. As it grows, it's more challenging to place the lights. Maybe a taller ladder will soon be in order.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Favorite Christmas Decorations or Why Everyone Needs an Aunt Joyceee

My Aunt Joyceee is a lovely soul. She is a precious one. Who could help but love her? Over my life she has gifted me with her gentleness and kindness and her love. She joins us for our family gatherings and I am always glad to see her. When we take road trips together we have great fun. Everyone needs an Aunt Joyceee to love them like mine has loved me.
Joyceee has given me some of my favorite Christmas decorations. As I'm decorating this week, I think it's time to document some of her contributions to our Christmas stash.
In 1994, she made and gave me these lovely old time cross stitched Santas. Aren't they dear? They are stitched on paper and inserted in a wooden base with a tiny pine tree between them. Each Santa is 1 1/2 inches at his base and 5 inches tall.In 2000, Joyceee cross stitched another tiny treasure for me, a Christmas sheep with a wreath on her neck and a tiny brass bell. The frame is 5 inches square. A couple years ago she gave me a lovely glass tree ornament. I love hanging it on the tree and worry that the dog will bother it. It is teardrop shaped, 6 inches long with a 4 inch diameter. Mary and Joseph are in the stable as sheep graze on the hillside under the night sky. Thank you, Joyceee, for these treasured Christmas decorations but most of all for your love and for being the special aunt you are to me.

lookin' out my backdoor

lookin' out my backdoor, originally uploaded by lamb lady.

This is the moon, Venus and Jupiter (L to R) in close proximity on Monday, Dec 1. Brad called me out to get an eyeful of the sight last evening. It was cloudy, rainy and ugly earlier in the day, so quite a treat that we were able to see this spectacle. It was just after sunset and you can catch a glimpse of a tree in the bottom right of the photo. I have a smart camera. It took this shot on "auto" mode. Nothing that I took manually looks as good as this shot.
Shortly after we came inside to get warm the phone rang. It was Lane proudly announcing that he'd gotten an 8 point buck in the afternoon. Now it's not everyday that a boy gets his first buck, so we drove up to check it out. There were grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles there to see Lane's deer. He was really tickled and tired. I bet he slept good last night.