Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Downsizing but the Sheep Are Moving On UP

Two groups of sheep left here in the past week.
The first group, six yearling ewes and stunning Mick, a ram, moved east of Scranton, PA. The ewes are 6 of the 7 sheep in the banner photo. The dark ewe in the center back and the donkey are still here with me. The second group to leave here has also moved north and east of here. They are about an hour from NYC. That group is composed of 8 of this year's ewe lambs. I received this photo of them grazing upon arrival at their new home yesterday.Yes, there are 8 sheep in this photo. Shy Cinderella is well hidden behind spotted Minnie on the right.Thank you, Susan for allowing me to share the photo you took of the young ewes at their new home yesterday.
To the new owners: I hope you will enjoy these lovely animals as much as I have. May they bring you peace and delight.