Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ocean City MD Get Away

BR and I left the Guitner Road Sunday morning for a few days at the shore. The last time we were at Ocean City, the sun appeared about an hour before we left. We watched the weather maps carefully this time, since Hurricane Bill was headed for the same destination we were. We were delighted that he stayed off shore through the mid-Atlantic area. The coast was rough when we arrived Sunday afternoon. The lifeguards earned their pay that day. I had never seen so many surfers at Ocean City before.
Monday, I awoke to a storm off the coast north of Ocean City. I watched lightning in the distance as the sun came up. Though the thunderstorm never came our way brief showers did. The early morning sky had sun dogs around the sun. The surfers continued on despite the storm. The rain didn't spoil our day either. It soon moved on. Though the sky was cloudy, it was plenty warm and we were able to enjoy a day on the beach with out getting ourselves sunburned. We stayed at Rodeway Inn on 29th Street. It's beyond the north end of the boardwalk and has some sand dunes in front of it. I was up to watch the sunrise each morning, sitting on the balcony knitting and taking photos. We rode bikes on the boardwalk one morning. It's been many years since we've done that. We parked the car upon our arrival and didn't get back in it until leaving for home this morning. We walked quite a bit and took the tram down the boardwalk one evening and walked back. Another evening we played a round of miniature golf. This morning I went on a shore side shell search. They were few and far between. Some sandpipers scurried along the water's edge. Here's a 30 second video of one of them:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Winter Hats for Great Nieces and Nephews

Hey! I actually completed a project. I knitted hats for my brothers' grand-children.
I just hope they'll still fit when winter arrives.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Grand-dog-ter visits the Guitner Road

Our son and daughter-in-law were out of town for a long weekend at Ocean City, MD. Their Scottie, Chloe, came to stay with us Wednesday evening and will go home this afternoon. Other than chasing Gus, she's been very good. Merlin has enjoyed her visit.
Gus has had a tougher time adapting to her. He's spent most of the last four days atop every piece of furniture to swat at her. His nights have been under the bed out of her reach. It's hard to imagine that a dog the same size as he is would bother him more than the giant slobber box he lives with.