Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hello 2011!

I'm emerging from a couple weeks out of commission. I hurt my back Dec 23. Recovery hasn't been so fast as when I hurt it in September. Both incidents involved sheep and lifting. You'd think a girl would learn to be more careful, wouldn't you?
We had a couple inches of snow overnight Jan 7/8. The sheep and Fiona were out and about in it Saturday morning. I grabbed the camera and headed to the pasture.
Young rams Newman and Mick:
Old ram Blue:
Sprightly Klickitat:
The ewes and Fiona:
The ewes are plumping up. Leah looks like triplets are in store.
Speaking of lambs: Open Barn is scheduled already - Saturday, April 16.
Contact me for directions if you need them.
I'm expecting about 20 lambies this spring.