Sunday, December 28, 2008

Being Unique

We like being unique here on the Guitner Road. We say things like "I'll bet there's not another family (or person) on the Guitner Road that......." You can fill in the blank with whatever is appropriate at the time, such as "....has parents married to each other for 55 years and they're still fixing Christmas Dinner for their kids."
Aren't we so lucky? That Mom and Dad are healthy and want to do it is a source of pride for me. Just in case you think we make them cook, you need to know this: they know that when they don't want to anymore that one of us will carry on in their stead.
It was disappointing to me that I had to work Christmas Day. Someone had to, and this year was my turn :( I'm not five, I've gotten over it. I sent a letter to all that my son read in my absence. I went there as soon as I got off work. I missed seeing my son and daughter-in-law but got to catch a glimpse of everyone else. Brad took photos for me.
Above are two of Santa's best helpers.

I received a neat Christmas gift. It's one of those unique things that I'm willing to bet no one else on the Guitner Road got for Christmas. I got an umbrella swift and ball winder. I finally got to play with it Saturday morning. I promptly turned all my yarn skeins into center pull cakes. Big Fun, Big Fun. Then of course, I have to take many photos of it.
Now I'm ready to get back to knitting.