Sunday, December 28, 2008

Brad's Christmas Gift

Brad's been talking about a kitten for about a year. I have not wanted one. I said that Merlin would eat it, etc. The truth is I hate litter boxes. We haven't had a cat or litter box for eight years and I haven't missed having a litter box at all in that time.
Three kitties were playing in traffic at Mom and Dad's on Christmas. Before I went home from there, I grabbed the yellow one and took him with me.
Merlin hasn't eaten him yet. Kitty's so grateful for a warm, dry home. He lays on the back of the sofa purring his little heart out. He doesn't have a name yet. I would call him Sunshine like our long gone old yellow cat was named but I think Brad should give him a name. Keep posted.


  1. Awww...I had a cat called Sunshine as a kid. Found him when I was 5, as he was rooting through the compost heap for food, the poor bugger. We fattened Sunny up, and he lived a good 18 years. Have fun with your new kitty, and maybe Brad can take over litter-duty, right, Brad?

  2. We've both been keeping the box clean, I guess one cat isn't bad.
    This guy is so tolerant of Merlin. Any cat that puts up with a punky dog like him is welcome here.
    Mer just licks him and loves him in return.
    We've been calling him Gus. A little kitty needs a strong name to give him some presence with the big dog.

  3. I like that...Gus is a good, strong name. Long live Gus.