Sunday, August 3, 2008

Frogmore Stew

Dad called us earlier this week to invite us for supper at 6:30 Saturday evening. The menu was a surprise. There would be eight of us - Mom and Dad, my brothers and their wives and Brad and me. We were not to bring anything and, if possible, we would eat outside. I love a good surprise. Brad was quite concerned about what would be on the table. As it turned out he didn't need to be, he enjoyed himself, too.
On one of Dad's hunting trips they had Frogmore Stew. Just in case you are wondering, Frogmore is a place in South Carolina, there were no frog legs in the pot. It's Southern comfort food, a seafood boil, and it works it's magic on this side of the Mason-Dixon line, too.
Dad set up the outdoor propane stove and filled the pot of boiling water with Old Bay. Then he added broken ears of sweet corn, small red potatoes, sausage links and shrimp. I saw a halved lemon and some onion in the pot, too. When it was cooked and drained, it all got dumped on the paper covered picnic table. Mom melted butter, made cocktail sauce and had all the fixin's ready when the cooking was complete.
We all filled our bellies as we emptied the table. Then there was blueberry pie and ice cream for dessert. Since it was such a pleasant evening we lingered long, catching up on the latest gossip and telling tales from the past and present.
Joel and Susie were going home to catch a quick nap and then headed out to spend the night fishing on the Meadow Grounds Lake. Now, I'd rather sleep than fish, but with the stars twinkling the way they were last evening, I'm sure they had a good night. I hope they caught some nice ones. Dave and Jane will celebrate twenty years of marriage on Tuesday.
Thanks, Mom and Dad, for all the things you do. You got us off to a good start in our lives and you still bring good things to life. That's very special and we are so fortunate to have you near.

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