Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Born 4.2.2010 Butterfly with Erie

First time mom, Butterfly, gave birth to twins Erie and Fox. Much to my dismay, Fox has become a bottle baby. Though he was sturdy and strong, she wanted nothing to do with him.


  1. Love this photo - they look huggable!

  2. they look so sweet ! i am sure they are. beautiful photos !

  3. where does your friend in boyertown live ? i jus wondered because i write for the local newspaper and have written about a lot of local farmers in the past few years, but i am kind of fuzzy on the specifics anymore.

    i just discovered sheerless sheep oh lutheran road in gilbertsville to help out another woman i interviewed in that town who spins her own yarn, so i plan to drop off that supply for her today, if i remember, after work.