Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mesa's Fine Marimba

Sunday, March 18

One clean, dry lamb was awaiting me when I went to the barn Sunday morning. Mesa is my oldest ewe. She's tricked me time and again with how many lambs she's carrying. This year is one fine ram lamb, Marimba. Like Calliope, he'll grow quickly.


  1. Wow. They're all one cuter than the next. How is that possible?

    It certainly has been an easy winter. We're basking in nice warm temps, but we've been known to have a cold snap or two before we call winter over.

    I hope for the sake of your lamb-babies that the warm weather is hear to stay though! I love the video - all the birds are chirping in the background - it's just lovely!

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

    1. Anne, I am amazed at March here. Never in my life has March been like this. Peach trees are budding about 4 weeks earlier than normal. Let's hope it doesn't get cold now. Thanks for the kind words about the lambies. Two more moms to deliver and another set of triplets born Sunday need blogged. Happy Spring my Northern Neighbor. I always enjoy reading your posts.