Thursday, November 3, 2011

Record Setting October Snowfall / Power Outage

Oct 25, 2011

We were having a lovely October. Then it happened... the record setting October snowfall and power outage. Because of the heavy snow and the trees still dressed in their autumn finery, branches felled power lines throughout the area. We were without electricity from Saturday at 2 P.M. through Monday at 2 P.M.
Oct 30, 2011

Hayley didn't like the wet snow falling on her back but later decided playing in the snow was great fun.

Brad and I carved a Hayley pumpkin. Brad carved a spider pumpkin, too.


  1. Cool pumpkins! Love visiting snow, glad I don't have to deal with it on a regular basis. Do you have a generator to help with the outages or are they not as common?

  2. I think Santa and I will have a chat about getting a generator. It wasn't bitter cold or windy. We have 2 old Kero-suns that got us through nicely. On Sunday, when I was shoveling the driveway, crickets were still chirping in the flower bed and a butterfly (moth) flew by!. By Tuesday there was no trace of snow to be seen.

  3. Oh My Goodness. That Hayley pumpkin - too cute! We were spared your storm by 50 miles or so. We've been having just the most glorious weather (I'll stop rubbing it in).

    It's so pretty in your area. I love the gently rolling hills and the wonderful old trees. Nice photos!