Monday, October 10, 2011

Of Sun Dogs and Puppies

I often see sun dogs in the evening. We have a great view of the west sky from our place. This afternoon I noticed these sun dogs rather high in the sky. We've had a week of lovely clear fall weather. Now the rain is moving in for the next couple days.

Two weeks ago we got a new boxer puppy. A girl this time. Her name is Hayley. I love her a lot but she thinks my dining room is her potty. Something's got to give. She's 12 weeks old today.

BR finally got weather suitable for painting the barn. He worked at it all weekend long. Nice going, Mr. C!


  1. Welcome Hayley! What a cutie! She's totally adorable. I'd say you're pretty intrepid for taking on a puppy. Are you crate training her? I don't know what we did to deserve Cooper, but he was potty-trained SO quickly, I think he messed in the house only 2 times, and that was that. It's lots of work though, training these little guys. May you have lots of years of happiness together.

    We've had the best weather recently as well; nice to see your barn get a fresh coat of paint, I'm sure! This run of weather's been nice. Now we're hunkering down for the rain.

  2. Don't leave food and water during the day. Remember that puppies need to eliminate within 15 minutes of waking up or eating. Potty her before leaving the house and she should be good for about 4 hours. She'll need a break in the middle of the day, if you're able to do that. DO NOT use pee pads! They are evil. Get her outside in the rain to potty. That means your umbrella and rain shoes are by the door and you're out there sucking it up with her while she's on leash. Or deal with a rain wimp. You don't want a rain wimp. Or a snow one either. You get snow, I have to remember that. ;-) Remember to have her on leash when she first goes out. Potty first, play after. Don't make putting the leash on the end of all fun or you're going to have problems getting it back on. Provide appropriate chewy toys while she's in your dining room during the day or you may find that she's been nibbling on the legs of chairs or the corners of counters. Pat Miller has a few nice books (all of them really), Pat McConnell's The Other End of the Leash is really great for the person holding the leash. I think you're ready for Bones Would Rain From the Sky by Suzanne Clothier. Culture Clash - 2nd edition by Jean Donaldson is also good. If you want just straight training books, can go there too. ;-)

    Most importantly, enjoy the time she's a puppy and take lots of pictures!!

  3. Thank you, Anne and Tami for your comments. Hayley has not once messed in her crate. Dad comes up mid day to let her out for a run. She always pees outside but needs to be watched continually. I will check out the books you named, Tami. She's a dear heart.

  4. Your pup is such a cutie! The barn looks great. I've seen sundogs before rarely but had no idea this was their name. I learned :)