Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let the Birthings Begin - Jujubee's Girls

jujubee jetta and jensen, originally uploaded by lamb lady.

I took 2 weeks off work to deliver lambs and it wasn't till the fourth day that any have arrived. The theme for naming this year is "Cars." My co-workers composed a great list. It's nice to start the baby names with mom's first initial. That helps me to remember who they are.
Jujubee was in labor when I went to the barn this AM. She gave birth unassisted to twin ewes between 8:40 and 9 AM. Each weighs in at a respectable 10 pounds. They are nice and strong and off to a good start with big drinks of Momma's rich, warm milk. What pretty girls they are.
Jetta, on the left, is named in honor of her Grandmother, Jett.
Jensen is a British auto manufacturer. They just didn't look like Jaguars, either of them, so I dug a little deeper to come up with Jensen.
Now, I just need to convince the other 8 to drop their babies before I go back to work. I hope they go like dominoes.


  1. It's nice to see that, in times of uproar and disruption like we're going through now, that the larger and a lot more important cycle of life just keeps rollin' along. Marj and I look forward to meeting Jetta, Jensen, and all their cousins soon.

    Also, congrats on Gus' arrival. He'll offer another prism through which to view, and so, to laugh at, life and the world.


  2. They're so cute, and they look so warm and cozy! I hope all the births go smoothly!

    Esther gave birth last evening to two little boys. They're sharing a stall with Faith and her little boys, with a divider in the middle. I'll post pics soon.

    Poor Candace is all alone now. I hope she goes soon, but she doesn't look nearly as big as the other two did. Hmmmmm....