Sunday, March 22, 2009

Brooke's Bentley and Blazer

Brad woke me about 5 AM Sunday and said, "I think you need to go to the barn." Just for the record, he's not psychic. We keep a baby monitor on at the barn and he heard muttering. New moms mutter to their babies when they are in labor and after the little ones arrive. Muttering is a quick, soft, low "Baa" repeated many times.
Before I went to bed I thought Brooke was behaving differently, so I wasn't surprised that it was her standing in everyone's favorite birthing spot, the back of the large stable.
Brooke is the oldest ewe in the flock and an experienced mom. She prefers I keep my hands off her business. She doesn't even want me to look at her babies. I did my best to stand back and let her take care of business. While I waited I refilled an empty water bucket and when I looked at her next she'd delivered a black lamb. I called it Bentley and watched as it got to it's feet and finally nursed with mom's gentle nudging and muttering. Bentley has the oft seen white cap, a marking called "the palm of God" and 2 white anklets on hind legs.
I waited quietly for another 45 minutes. I was getting chilled by then. I had put a bucket of warm molasses water in the stable with Brooke when I went to the barn. It was surprising how much she sipped up after the first delivery and before the second, as she labored.
Finally, she settled down to deliver the second lamb. Two good strong pushes and it was out. A black lamb with a few white hairs on top it's head.
I stepped into the stable, trimmed their umbilical cords, dipped their navels in strong iodine, checked to see what sex they were and returned to the house for a cup of tea by 6. Sweet!
I went back later for a photo. She had them nestled in the corner where the sun was shining. Take a good long look at little girl Bentley (L) and little boy Blazer (R) because any other photos I try to take will be with her blocking my view and all three of them running from me. Notice how Brooke's topknot stands on end, she makes me smile when I think of it. I think I do that to her. There are days when my hair feels like hers looks.