Saturday, March 28, 2009

Aurora's Amigo, Aries and Avalon

Aurora finally delivered her babies Friday, March 27. All are doing well but it was a tough couple days for her prior to delivery. I may come back and write more later but not just yet. I'm tired.
I'm still recovering from the lambing blitz. Eight ewes have had babies in nine days. Daddy Blue did a great job. And then there's Mesa. I thought she was expecting but now I'm just not sure. Keep posted.


  1. Oh my! Sounds like you've been one busy lady!

  2. Hi Linda,
    What a lovely batch of lambs you have this year :) Such a colorful crew! Congratulations! Karen Lobb

  3. Hey Linda,
    Seeing this blog has inspired me to make one of my own. People are always asking me to email them pictures of my lambs in the spring. This is so much easier! You can check up on Friend and my other sheep (natural coloreds)at
    Jarrod Ashley