Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cassie's Triple Play

The neighbors called Saturday morning to tell me there was a ewe with lambs in the pasture. I had just left the ewes out a short time earlier, so was surprised that lambs were on the ground that quickly. That's twice in less than 15 hours I missed the birthing.
I asked BR to help me carry babies in from the field, as I had just done it the evening before. (It's an exhausting task with Momma nervously beside trying her best to trip me up.) I was glad he came along as there were three, yes 3, babies to be taken to the barn. Once at the barn everyone got a drink from mom and though they are small, they're doing quite well. A white boy, Charger, and two black girls, Cooper and Camero.
Last year, Cassie held out until the day I returned to work to deliver her lambs. She was so big, I knew she was having triplets. I asked Mom and Dad to be on standby to watch over her. Did she have triplets? No! They helped her deliver two 13 pound babies. These three might weigh 26 pounds total. They're nice, Cassie, you had nice babies.

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