Friday, February 12, 2010

The Blizzard

We haven't had much snow for about five years. The local ski resort had to add a golf course to keep operating.
This year has been a reminder of big snows from our past.
I went to town Tuesday night in fear that I couldn't get to work Wednesday AM. They had forecast the winds that will snow us in for days. Although we are on a state road, it is low priority compared to Interstate 81 and Route 30 and Warm Spring Road.
BR stayed home to care for the sheep and keep the home fires burning. Cell phones are handy for directing sheep care. We were fortunate to maintain power throughout.
I finally came home Thursday afternoon. Route 30 was clean in town. Further west was still closed due to drifting. The Warm Spring Road was good except for an occasional spot narrowed to one lane. The Guitner Road was a different story. It runs north/south, so the strong west winds packed snow onto the roadway. The west lane was closed and the east lane was a foot deep with tracks of those who had ventured through.My trusty Subaru knew the path home. BR had our driveway all blown out.
Plows came through repeatedly around 9 PM last night. (There have been storms bad enough here that plows can't do the job.) I cleaned out the end of the driveway for BR to go to work this AM.
My folks will be returning from their trip to Florida today. My brother cleaned their driveway. I need to go now to open the end of it so they are able to get in.
I told them I'm going to let Dad shovel his sidewalk. I'm not being mean. He'll need something to do when he arrives home. It's his way. I thought they should stay South longer but I'll be glad to know they're safely home.


  1. I was just reading that Florida is getting snow. Looks like your parents would be seeing snow one way or another. Hope they arrive back home safely!

    With all this snow, are you likely to start lambing also? Kind of seemed like something the sheep would do to you. ;-)

    Take care and stay warm! Looks like a good reason to bundle up and knit in front of a fire.

  2. I live in north east Alabama, and finally we are getting snow, nearly 3 inches so far and still snowing, the kids here are having a ball, playing in it, the weather channel keeps seeing snow is predicted here only a 1/2 inch, a lot they know...LOL... I love snow... Do you make snow cream?

  3. I just came across your blog tonight. Crazy amount of snow! We haven't had any out here this year (El Nino year... sort of weird weather patterns). Amazing how one country can vary so much on weather.

  4. There's nothing quite like a Subaru, huh! I don't know how I'd manage through the winter without my little Forester.

  5. Thank you for this good topic

  6. Hi Linda,

    It was a pleasure coming across your blog. I'm a Canadian living away from home (India) and I never thought I'd say this, but I miss the snow. Your shot reminds me allot of the roads back home.