Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ewes in Waiting

The ewes are heavily pregnant. My vacation to deliver lambies is just a few days away. I've been feeding the ewes grain based on: 1) whether they are bred and 2) how many lambs I think they are carrying.
We have 3 groups, the "No Breeders" are four of last year's ewe lambs and one dear old ewe I can't part with. They are a nosy young group. Jujubee is the old ewe that keeps them in line. Two of the young ewes are her daughters, Jetta and Jensen. The other two are Liberty and Tundra. Tundra is a pretty white ewe, just like her Ma. You'll see her Ma momentarily and there is no mistaking that they are mother and daughter.
Here's a shot of Lyra and daughter, Liberty. Liberty is a beautiful ewe. Her Ma is a great Ma.
Here's a photo of the regular ewes. They are getting a greater ration of grain than the "No Breeder" group. This group is made up of first time moms and ewes that twin. Tundra's Ma, Tamar, is the 2 horned white ewe. See, I told you they looked alike. Tiny Tresor, who has her butt facing you is a first time mom. She's getting a little round in the belly and her udder is beginning to bloom. I think these girls will be ready to drop very soon. Hopefully, they will wait a couple more days till I can be home to keep and eye on them.
The "Heavy Feeder" group is old moms and large ewes that have a history of triplets and one first time mom that is a big girl. I give them a bigger ration of grain than the regular ewes. Everyone wants to join that group.
Now take a look at this ewe and tell me how many lambs she's carrying. She has a history of twins but it looks like maybe 3 this year. Her grandmother was a mother to 18 lambs.I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Wow! This is pretty exciting! I love the photos.