Sunday, February 7, 2010

We've Survived The Big One

We got about 15-18 inches of snow. We kept our electricity throughout it all. The snow fell for about 24 hours. It wrapped up here around 2 PM Saturday. Our saving blessing was that when the snow stopped falling, the wind stopped blowing. The sky turned blue and left us to enjoy the beauty of it all.
Here are some photos of our adventure. You can click on the photos for more detail.
The barn steps. Brad climbed through the hay hole this AM to throw down hay for the sheep.
The sheep are trapped in the barnyard till I get a path open for them today. Blue is making certain the girls are still there. I fear he would tear the place apart if he couldn't see them.
Brad had a big snow blower fun yesterday. It sat unused in the garage last year but has been handy this year. It performed well in the deep snow. Brad says the heated handles are a joke.
Some evening light photos from Mom's and Dad's.
A snow drift around the north side of the house.
Mom's nandina bush is as pretty in the snow as a cardinal.
And finally, a lovely Sunday morning view west of the Guitner Road.


  1. So you live close to your parents, or just made your way over after digging yourselves out? It all looks so pretty.

  2. Gorgeous photos! We live in a big bowl here in Knoxville and the snow always blows over the top of us. I'm a New England girl originally, so it's great to see everything blanketed with the white stuff. Of course, we're not shoveling either...