Saturday, June 7, 2008

Summer's Here

We've been waiting for warmer weather. Now it's here and I'm hiding in the air conditioning. PA is having quite a heat wave after the cool, wet spring we've experienced. I wish the hay was mowed and I will fret about it until it is in the barn.
Last Friday, my niece's daughter had her first dance recital. She is a beautiful child, so animated.
On Saturday, my cousin and his wife celebrated their 25th anniversary. Congratulations, Bret and Lorie!
Dad returned from his fishing trip to Maine yesterday. He missed the recital and the anniversary party but he had a great time with his fishing friends. I think Mom was glad to have him home.
Last evening all the lambs got their second tetanus shots. We were stinky and sweaty till that job was done. Today the sheep are all hanging out in the barn with the fans running.
My hobbledehoy yarns ( ) arrived in today's mail. They are just as wonderful as the posted photos that made me want them. I'm not sure what I'll make with them but something good. Their names are Lemon Drop and Pine Trail. Their creator, Liz, dropped me a note to say I could come spin with her a day. I think I'll take her up on that. There's much she could teach me. I was looking at a spinning class next March at The Mannings. It looks like it's only offered annually.
I'm working on a lap quilt to give to my great aunt at a family reunion in a couple weeks. I need to get busy with that. It's a good reason to stay in the house and be cool. I'm so glad we have air conditioning. It's hard to imagine that it wasn't long ago we didn't have it.


  1. Linda
    Summer and I love your page. The new granddaugher is just beautifull
    Summer was wondering why you do not have butterscoutch on your page.

  2. Hi, Linda,
    A lot going on out there on Guitner Road!! Thanks for including Marj and I on your "mailing list".