Monday, June 30, 2008

The Last Weekend of June

Nathan and Monica brought a surprise to our house Saturday. CHLOE - our new grand-daughter. She's a beautiful little Scottie. They had seen her the weekend before and told us about her but didn't tell us they went back to get her. She's so cute! She weighs 3 and 1/2 pounds. She didn't care much for Merlin. (He weighs 106 pounds.) She found him to be quite intimidating. Many who are larger than Chloe feel the same way about our punky dog. I hope she won't stay away because of him. A long and happy life to you, little girl!

We went to Rick's last Annual Pig Roast Saturday evening. We've been going for quite a few years and always have a good time. A thunderstorm blew up but soon passed so it didn't spoil the fireworks. Thank you, Rick, for inviting Brad and me. It's always been fun. You can watch a short video of the fireworks below.

Sunday, I cleaned house and knitted. My big bag knit from my sheep is nearly complete. The lining is now sewn in place and all it needs is the straps.

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