Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 27 - Butterfly

Butterfly's Ariel and Eric, originally uploaded by lamb lady.

Butterfly delivered her twins Sunday morning. I would be lying to tell you I didn't have anxious moments during this birthing. She delivered Eric first. When Ariel was born she paid her no mind and went about cleaning Eric. I put Ariel on a towel in front of Butterfly and swooped up Eric in a second towel, taking him out of Mom's visual range for a short time until she realized she had another lamb that needed her care. (You see, last year I wasn't there when she gave birth in the pasture. When I found her she had bonded to one of the lambs and the other needed bottle fed. I didn't want that to repeat.)
I'll spare you the entire story but this year Mom likes both her babies. YES! By afternoon there was time for a bit of play in the lambing jug.


  1. Hello Linda,

    what a surprise! I visit your blog about once a month - and what can I see today? New lamb's are born .... how cute they are!

    Is your hurt back better now? Are you doing well?
    Hope so.

    Bye, bye
    Ute from Germany

  2. Hi Ute, I'm glad to hear from you. The lambs are doing well. I am bottle feeding the triplet with the most white on his back. His Mama seems to not like him much. Thank you for asking about my back. It is doing well. I try to treat it well. Come back again soon. I have 2 more ewes that will deliver soon. Have a nice spring,