Friday, March 25, 2011

March 24 Lambs - Liberty and CoCo

I went to the barn early Thursday morning when I heard a lamb fussing on the monitor. The fussing lamb was hungry Flora. What I was surprised to see was Liberty with 2 black and tan ewe lambs in the large stable. Liberty isn't fond of me so I've been hands off with her as much as possible. She's a first time mom and doing well. Her babies are named Laverne and Esmerelda from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." About the time Liberty was getting her lambs cleaned and fed, CoCo Chanel went into hard labor. I'd been concerned about CoCo. She's a big girl and last year delivered twins but one was stillborn. She promptly delivered a girl and boy Thursday morning. I was calling my co-workers to keep them abreast of the birthings when CoCo got agitated, had contractions and delivered a third lamb, a ram.
She had black lambs last year. I bred her to Blue again and this year all three lambs are tan and white - go figure. These lambs names were suggested by my cousin, Lynette. She wanted a Copper and Tod from "The Fox and the Hounds." The ewe's name is Vixey, from the same movie. Copper is CoCo's golden boy. She's lukewarm toward Vixey and she's giving me fits about letting the Tod nurse. He's getting smarter and stronger - I'll be watching closely how things progress with them.

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