Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Morning Sunlight - Life is Good

I can't say if it's due to being at work or the days of rainy weather(probably both) but it seems like a long, long time since I've seen the morning's golden light. The sheep were bathed in it this morning. Look at the golden light in that clump of red cedars on the hillside. Sweet. Click on photo for a larger view.


  1. Looks very bucolic. I also just finished reading Jon Katz's Soul Dog and while its mainly about the animals on Bedlam Farm, he does talk a lot about the farm itself. Sounds a little hardier than I would want. Upstate New York I'm sure is totally different from your area.

    Is that a pond or a creek in the foreground? There's an interesting little structure by it.

  2. This photo is lovely. I'd like to go take a walk through that beautiful grass right now...although I also love the photo in your header (same field...different season I think..?).

    I live in Australia, and where I am, we very, very rarely have snow...and never enough to cover a field.

    Hope you don't mind me commenting ..I was just randomly browsing blogs, and am amazed at the beautiful places I have travelled to tonight.