Sunday, November 15, 2009

Reese's Homecoming

Reese is a matriarch. She and her oldest daughters, Clara and LoveHeart, were born here on the Guitner Road. In fact, Clara and Lovey were born here during my 50th birthday party. Now they live in Boyertown, PA, east of Reading. Without a ram at their farm, they come here each fall to get new babies. This year the Reese clan has arrived, ten strong. Five last weekend and five today. We followed them out to pasture today to join up with the other breeding ewes and the ram. Here's a brief video of that meeting. Blue should be in his glory. He's got 19 ewes to attend to and such fine weather for courting:

They will be here well into December. I would love to know if they recognize each other from living here and from their previous visits. Studies say sheep are supposed to have good face recognition. Don't you wonder how the sheep communicates that to the surveyor?


  1. I miss you already, Reese!! The pasture's just not the same without you; enjoy your spa retreat at Linda's <3

  2. Lovey,
    I'm broken hearted without you!!
    I hope to see you soon,by the
    way... your...old babies at
    home are missing you!Everybody
    is to,i miss you!
    Have fun:),

  3. They sure look like they recognize each other!

    Oh and the header pic was taken about 5 minutes from where we live, but my hubby was behind the lens this time (I tried to get low enough, but my baby bump got in the way!)

    Thanks for the picture compliment though - I love it too!!