Sunday, October 18, 2009

West Texas Pioneer Couple

I have never been to Texas and have never met these people. This couple and people like them impress me so much. When I listen to them speak it brings up a sweet longing in me. I would like to be more self sufficient, more removed from today's crazy living. They are strong in my eyes and I am just... a weiner.
I won't follow in their footsteps. I am too lazy to give up electricity and I love my high speed internet. I feel materialism and commercialism aren't healthy for us in many ways.
I hope you'll enjoy watching this as much as I did. I wish them long and healthy lives.
Pioneer couple

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  1. I can preserve, make soap, spin, and knit. Grinding my own flour? Ok. Washing the clothes without a machine? I don't think so. Still need to learn weaving. ;-)

  2. LOL - no, you are not a weiner! I loved the video, but I couldn't live like that for an extended period of time either. Thanks for posting it - very interesting.