Sunday, October 25, 2009

Autumn Stroll

I love this time of year, beautiful foliage and crisp blue sky days. The weekends this month surely haven't looked that way here on the Guitner Road. We've had lots of rainy weekends. But today the sun is out and the fall colors are lovely. We enjoyed the warm Indian summer day. BR and I walked to the creek to check on the bridge. It's closed for repairs until April. Although it causes both of us to detour to work, the upside has been far less traffic on our road.
Merlin got to play in the creek. Brad and Merlin pause before heading home. A piece of good news: The ram finally got to be with the ewes yesterday. He's been pacing the fence row for weeks awaitng breeding season. Click on photo for LARGE Size.
I have a short verse for the occasion:
"What sheep on yonder hill doth breed?
'Tis bide-a-wee Blue with the Shepherd's Loft ewes."


  1. So this is the time of year that rams help out the ewes and spring lambs?

  2. Gestation is 147-150 days. We should get late March lambs. If I've done my math correctly and the sheep do what they are supposed to do, they will have their lambs during the two weeks that I have requested to be off work. March 20- April 4.