Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sweet Cherries and Birds

Many years ago, Brad planted a pair of sweet cherry trees. They were two different varieties. Both of them have grown well but one of them gets beautiful red cherries. We used to try netting it so the birds would let US pick ripe cherries. We've given that up. It bloomed especially lovely this year, without being bothered by frost. There were a lot of bees busy pollinating. Bumblebees, not honeybees.

This week is cherry picking week for the birds. What a delight to watch them flying in and out of that tree. Everyone is looking for the perfect fruit. Cardinals, robins, blackbirds and mockingbirds  all noisily chasing the next bird away from the treasure.

Yesterday morning, Woodrow was perched in his cat-bird seat enjoying the show when he alerted me of something out of the ordinary. I stood up and looked out the window in time to see a bird I've waited for many years. A Cedar Waxwing was in the rhododendron. He stayed long enough for me to call Brad to see him. I'm waiting this morning with my camera nearby but so far he's a no show. They're like that I read. I guess that's how I got to be this old before I saw one. He was a beauty.

One more note about birds: last Sunday morning, I heard a Bob White - a quail.  When I was a kid we often heard them and also an occasional Whip-or-will. Now, hearing a quail in our neighborhood is rare. The last time I heard a Whip-or-will was in Bedford County, decades ago. I'm hearing the quail again this morning. Stay safe, Bob White.
Shortly after we moved here, one Sunday morning we observed Mr. and Mrs. Quail and their young hatchlings strolling through our yard. What a delight it was to see them.

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  1. What a wonderful post! Those cherry blossoms are really beautiful.

    We're having a similar spring here, but we did have a really heavy frost mid-May. We have a beautiful rhodo at work, and it was buzzing with bumblebees as well, not honey bees, exactly like you mentioned.

    I have a cardinal nesting in our long hedgerow, and a Baltimore oriole nesting somewhere in the front yard. They try to out-sing each other, much to my delight!

    Luckily, we have a huge flock of Cedar waxwings that comes through every spring like clockwork - sometimes I count 40 birds. They love one of our viburnums. It's impressive to watch, and they chatter like crazy!

    This year we don't have any swallows in either of our large barns, something that has me worried, alongside the lack of honey bees.

    Enjoy your spring! You can always stock up on cherries at the market, I'm sure! I've never had luck with nets. I find they trap more birds than protect the cherries. I gave up a long time ago!