Friday, April 15, 2011

Open Barn April 16 10 AM to 3 PM Final Notice

Leaping Lambs Video, originally uploaded by lamb lady.

It's too bad the weather will be rainy and windy for Saturday's Open Barn. We won't get to see anything as cute as this.


  1. Hello Linda,
    what a nice 'kindergarten' you have there! They jump around so funny ....

    The last wheek where also windy and rainy here in Bavaria (South-Germany). Over night we had frost. Yesterday it started getting better (sunny, but cold wind - the same today). Next week up to eastern it should become 24°C (26°C we alreay had - that's too fast to hot for me - I prefer seasonable temperatures but not that up und down all the time .... therefore I ought to move somewhere else, I guess ;-)).
    Trees are blooming since last week, pears, plums and cherry, maple and all the wild-fruits too, apples will flower a litle later - how I love spring (and fall too...).

    Of course, sunny spring-wheater will arrive also the Guitner Road, soon. And then you have to show us some more pictures of funny jumping and playing lambs. Yes? :-D.

    Best whises

  2. Awww...they have built-in springs! How cute are they? I'd be sitting there watching them all.the.time! Thanks for sharing that!

    Hope the weather panned out after all!

  3. Ute, Ann and Tammy - Thank you all for reading and commenting on my blog. We had a soaking drenching rainy Open Barn. It was a far smaller attendance than usual, due to the weather. About 20-25 people showed up to see t he lambs.
    It is very green (and muddy) here. I wish you all a pleasant spring whether in the Pacific Northwest, Canada or Germany.
    Ute, I wish you would contact me by email so I could write to you. My contact info is at the right top of the page. I think you emailed me before but I no longer have your address.