Saturday, September 25, 2010


Although Facebook friends knew of Woodrow even before he came to live with us, I have yet to introduce him in the blogosphere. After losing Merlin at Christmas, I thought Gus needed a friend. No, we weren't actively searching for a cat.
Friend and co-worker, Tonya, found two little kitties sleeping on the road as she went home from work in the middle of the deep, dark night. She took them to the vet for cleanup. She had them for 2 weeks, debugging them. Woodrow's brother is now with a Maryland family.
Woodrow came to live with us in June. We love him. Well, I love him. BR puts up with him.He daily sleeps curled beside my neck, purring his little heart out. He's a lap kitty extraordinaire.
He and Gus get along together very well.Both are named for the leading characters in Lonesome Dove.
Each evening after dark, they chase each other through the house. Both are leash trained, since we are so close to a heavily traveled road. They like to be outside to chase birds and bugs. We often take short strolls outside around the house or through the pasture.
Woodrow just came home from neutering. He's doing well. I thought he'd not like me afterward but at this moment he's curled, purring on my lap.
Just like me, he likes playing in wool and yarn, too. Dear Woodrow.


  1. I love that you've leash trained both cats. Have you heard of cat agility? ;-) I need to see if I can post the Navajo-Churro ring videos I took at Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival yesterday. Very amusing!

  2. What a cutie :-) It always breaks my heart to hear stories of abandoned kitties/cats. I keep both of mine indoors...I used to let my siamese out on a leash when I lived in Holland but she somehow got away and almost drowned in a canal!

  3. Very cute guys Linda!