Thursday, May 14, 2009

2009 Youth Conservation Project at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Katie Burroughs was this year's recipient of the YCP Navajo-Churro ewe, Journey. The YCP is a mentoring program to help interested youth get started raising heritage breed sheep. There were about 20 sheep of various heritage breeds donated this year. This was my fourth year participating. I have met some great kids and generous shepherds through this program.
Katie is an amazing youngster. I selected her because her essay was astounding. I anticipated meeting her. She is well versed in agriculture. She was (again this year) the first place winner in the Sheep and Wool Skill-a-thon in her age group. You can read about that here: Katie raises sheep, goats, pigs and chickens. She just got a miniature zebu. (if you don't know zebus, you can read about them here: )
Katie has a great future in store. The world needs more Katies.
I wish her the best with Journey. She is keeping in touch with me by email and sent a thank you by mail yesterday.

Marsha was kind enough to go with me again this year to MDSW Festival. We had a fun time but were cold and soaked to the bone until we left. Maybe the weather will be better next year.

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